Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Vol V - Grab All The Attention

The Outfit
This particular outfit is meant to make you look even more gorgeous on a pretty summer day. The white, below knee length, asymmetrical, flared out skirt is a very hot pick. It is made of very comfortable stretch material, has a side zipper and a pocket with pretty ribbon attached to it. To match we have a black, asymmetrical, slightly off the shoulder, form fitting top with center floral designs, which enhance the beauty of it. Shoes always make the outfit and trust me these shoes do the job. They are absolutely beautiful, stylish, Kenneth Cole two color ankle strap (black & white) sandals. When I first laid eyes on them I think I fell in love and I think you will too. To finish it off are some simple but cute drop earrings that make an undeniably fashionable outfit the choice for the upcoming seasons.

The Outing
This outfit is an attention grabber, but the right kind of attention, the type that every woman deserves. Not the disrespectful remarks from guys on the corner or hoots and haulers, but compliments after compliments of how great you look. This ensemble must be worn to an event in which dressing up is not a necessity. Such as a casual dinner party, a night out on the town, to the theatre, an fun night at the restaurant, or whatever it is you are interested in that requires class but still some fun. Do you have a special event in mind? Think about walking into the room with a pair of shoes like these, while looking great in an outfit as flattering as this one.

The Outlay
What will you be spending on this outfit?
Velara Black - Off The Shoulder Top w/ Textured Floral Pattern = $24.99
Luci Anne White - Trumpet Skirt w/ Asymmetrical Seaming = $32.99
Kenneth Cole Women's Caged Up Shoes
= $159.99
Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings = $10.00
Women's Coloriffics Handbag = $36.45
Total: Just $264.42!

Until next time, look good and remember you can always email me for advice on outfits or your opinions on mine.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Vol IV - Style At Work

The Outfit
We have nothing other than a professional look for this week. There is a two center button, two side pocket and a V-shape, neck opening pinstripe blazer. To match there is a loose fitting pinstripe pant that gives a very professional look. Underneath the blazer is a white button-down with extra threading at the bottom to give it that criss-cross affect that works wonderfully. The beautiful pumps are pleated at the toe, open at the side and have a 3 ¾” heel. To conclude we have the BCBGirls black, double strap, shoulder bag with obvious buckle details and a silver rolo necklace to decorate the neck due to the opening in the shirt and blazer.

The Outing
Walking into a board room full of people for an interview or meeting. Blowing them away with your style and grace is a guarantee with an outfit like this one. When you are warm or you want to feel more comfortable at the job, go ahead and take off the blazer because you will still look appropriate for that environment. Also, this outfit will fit right into other environments, which may be a lot more laid back, such as lounges or cafes with a group of friends/co-workers. It can be a professional or semi-casual look, but either way you look extremely classy.

The Outlay
What will you be spending on this outfit?
Two Button Pinstripe Blazer = $79.99
Collection Pinstriped Pants = $39.99
Collection Shirt = $29.99
Fierce Shoes by Guess = $90.00
Sterling Silver Rolo Necklace = $15.00
BCBGirls "Women's It's A Wrap Shoulder" = $99.99
Total: Just $354.96!

Until next time, look good.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Vol III - Let’s Hang Out!

The Outfit
I love jean outfits and I felt the need to put one together after seeing the certain jacket I came across, so I have a pretty unique looking, dark, denim jacket and matching pair of jeans with a steam engine wash. The jacket only zips up from the center down, has three front pockets and opened sleeves at the bottom to give it the flared out appearance. A white strip of fabric with a pink line in the center is attached to the zipper and the bottom of the pocket on the upper left hand side, which is pink at the zip. The relaxed fit, flared out jeans can only compliment the jacket. I have chosen a simple white halter that is obviously shown through the opening of the jacket and will still look appropriate if you chose to remove the jacket. To complete the outfit I have chosen pink sandals, to match the pink in the jacket, with a short heel for comfortable outings and simple pink studs.

The Outing
This outfit says, “let’s go out with friends and hang out for the whole day”. Any activity you can think of is pretty suitable for this outfit, as long as the weather is warm. Parks, cookouts, walks around the city or town, sporting events, arcades and anything else the spring/summer has to offer. This outfit is definitely comfortable, but very fashionable at the same time. Why don’t you take it where you want to go?

The Outlay
What will you be spending on this outfit?
Lucky Brand Sweet N Low Jean = $90.00
Women Honored Denim Blazer by 555 Soul = $84.00
Spaghetti Halter Top = $13.71
Elle Girl Grand Slam Shoes = $34.99
.14K Yellow Gold Created Pink Sapphire Earrings = $59.99
Total: Just $305.70!

Until next time, look good.

Vol II - That Special Someone

The Outfit
We have a knee length, pink, lace tube dress that will speaks volumes for the person who is daring enough to make it work. It is form fitting and shows and hides just enough for you to look classy, not trashy and with the right shoes and accessories, it will work perfectly. The shoes are absolutely gorgeous and will make your outfit stand out in a way only stiletto heels can. They are a pink Tufi Duek with one strap across the toes, jewels at the front and a tiny strap at the ankles. What more can you want from a shoe than such beauty? To compliment the shoes, we have the amethyst and diamond silver bracelet which is presented with an X-shaped link that sparkles. Next are the long leaf drop silver earrings and the oval tag choker to complete your silver accessories appearance.

The Outing
Warm weather is on the way people and this outfit screams take me out on the town. I want to go to a classy restaurant with the man of my dreams on a beautiful night. I see myself on a cruise line with a group of my close friends enjoying the starlit scenery. What about a night with the ladies or that special someone to a Broadway show. The opportunities can continue on and on, but you must be comfortable in your outfit in order to make decisions on where to go. This is an elegant ensemble that is just waiting for the right person to grab it.

The Outlay
What will you be spending on this outfit?

Lace Tube Dress by Venus Swimwear = $29.00
Rose Leather Jeweled Sandals by Tufi Duek = $179
Amethyst & Diamond Silver Bracelet = $49.00
Oval Tag Choker by Guess = $18.00
Total: Just 275.00!

A great outfit to make any night a special one. Until next time, look good.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Vol I - Girls' Night Out

What is your look for the summer? I hope it is colors, sandals, and classy comfortable attire. If not, you may have a problem.

The Outfit
The hot and trendy all around turquoise look will definitely catch the attention of many. With a loose fitted, off the shoulder, yet form-fitting at the waist top that goes very well with the selected dark blue capris. The capris have a small yet noticeable turquoise wash and they must be somewhat loose (not baggy) to give the outfit an appropriate look. We also have our heeled, open toe sandals, with a thin turquoise strap over the toes and some tie up, pass the ankle straps. What a beautiful look, but what’s an outfit without a matching handbag? The XOXO turquoise purse with a thin handle, zipper, and XOXO logo only compliments the outfit. It is definitely a gotta have! To finish off, there is a silver bangle watch and silver bangles to make the outfit complete.

The Outing
This outfit would be awesome for barbecues, girls’ night out or just hanging at the mall. It would also be great for casual dates to a movie or dinner with that new guy in your life or that down to earth friend, just make sure you are comfortable in heels. If you are not comfortable in heels, practice walking with them at home and things will definitely begin to change. This outfit will make you look and feel chic and fashionable, the way every woman deserves to feel when they step outside of their doors. If you are looking to make a statement this is definitely the outfit to choose.

The Outlay
What will you be spending on this outfit?
Women Worn Heart Top Tops by 555 Soul = $32.00
Hot Kiss Pick Up The Tab Capris = $20
Women's Diba Veronica 9352 - Turquoise Multi leather = $40.95
XOXO Handbags Love Locked Croco = $43.00
Focus Silver Thin Bangle Watch = $12.99
Guess Silver Saying Bangles = $20.00
Total: Just 175.00, with shipping thrown in!

An amazing outfit at an amazing price. Until next time, look good.